Nguyen Van Ke Education Fund (NVKEF)

This NVKEF was initially established DUACT with the sponsorship of the Nguyen Hai Long & Van Hanh family to honour our respectable Brother Stephan Nguyen Van Ke, of LaSalle Christian Brothers Order, who had devoted most of his religious life to education for Dalat University students.

From 2004 an annual contribution of 12,000 USD has been added to fund an internet facility which later was named Nguyen Van Ke Internet, located within and managed by the University of Dalat to benefit the students.

The purpose of Nguyen Van Ke Internet is to provide the students with means to access the internet world of learning, research and communication with free or minimal service fee.

By 2007, the Nguyen Van Ke Internet has 40 desktop computers with faxes, printers, and high speed access to the world of internet.
The total number of computers and equipments of Nguyen Van Ke Internet facility was donated by DUACT.

By the end of 2013, the tube screens are replaced by flat screens, in the plan by DUACT to update the Nguyen Van Ke Internet facility.

DUACT hopes to receive more frequent donations from Dalat University alumni, friends and benefactors to maintain and to expand NVKEF further.