Duact Mutual Assistance Activities

Whenever there is the need to assist our Alumni Family members, DUACT Mutual Assistance Fund (DMAF) is ready to help. Usually, to a member is in need of assistance, he/she tends suffer silently and alone. DUACT has set up a network of local representatives for each promotion whose role is to find the person/s in distress, so a representative can contact, to determine the real need to help.

On 7/11/2014 local Duact representatives came to pay a visit to Mrs. Thu Huong, whose husband, Mr. Nguyen Van Tam has passed away after a tragic traffic accident on 6/15/2014. Their daughter, Dr. Huong Thao, also involved in the same accident was cared for at the Cho Ray hospital. She later passed away due to severity of the blow. As a token of solidarity and compassion an assistance of 3,470.00 USD was drawn from DMAF to offer to the family. It is known that Dr. Huong Thao had previously got Duact scholarships to pursue her medical studies and ultimately became a resident physisian. We are deeply saddened by the lost of valuable members of our alumni family.

Visit Van Le Hoang Phuc, son of our alumni Van Dinh Phuoc, who was run over by a truck on his lower extremities on the way back home from his work. He has lost parts of his lower legs as the result. We have come to visit and share our love and our sympathy and as a token of solidarity a gift of 400.00 USD from DMAF was offered to the family. 

On 6/26/2013 a delegation of DUACT from Saigon and from the US came to visit Mr. Nguyen Thong Thi, an devoted member of DUACT in an intensive care unit of the Multi Discipline Hospital in Danang, Central Vietnam. He was treated in intensive care unit for his liver disease in terminal state. Along his bedside was his son, Le Quan, who was in coma after an tragic traffic accident. We offered sympathy and shared the burden that the family was enduring.