DUACT Scholarship Program For Thu-Nhaners

This is the original core Scholarship Program created to help the family members of former students of Dalat University. 

Also included are administrative staff and former faculty members’ families.

The length, level and degree of support provided are flexible, ranging from basic to higher educational opportunities, 

provided that the recipients work hard and make an effort to succeed. The results have proven to be encouraging.

From 2003 to 2014 there were 892 scholarships distributed to 663 alumni family members and to 229 students to study to become marketing research specialists, engineers, college instructors, lecturers, and teachers for foreign and local companies/institutions. Two of them have successfully set up and currently run their own companies while 10 others have gone on to continue their higher studies overseas.

The DUACT Scholarship Fund is successful thanks to the dedication, the integrity and the effort of its Fund Managers in Vietnam who adhered to strict procedure and criteria in the selection process, follow-up and reporting.