DUACT Scholarship General Fund

Present are the representatives of DUACT along with the representatives of ThuNhan Vietnam, 2 parents and 7 student-recipients.

At this special occasion , Mr. Nguyễn Hoành, new DUACT President and Mrs. Vân Hạnh, a member of DUACT Board of Trustees and their spouses are also present.

Among the scholarship recipients, 10 are the recipients from Saigon area. The rest live in provinces.

Mr. Phạm Viết Chấn, the Fund Administrative, explains the selection process and announce the results for the 2014-2015 school year  :

There are 24 applications  submitted,  23 cases qualified, and 01 case rejected.

Amount of Awards:  110 millions VND for 23 scholarships :

  * Primary school : 1 million VND

  * High School :   from 6th grade to 11th grade : 2 million VND

for 12th grade : 3 million VND

  * Junior College : 5 millions VND

  * University : 6 millions VND

Mr. Nguyễn Hoành, DUACT Executive President, addressed the recipients, giving valuable advice on how to do well in their studies and how to continue to build the spirit of ThuNhan for future generations.

Miss Hồng Mỹ Linh, born 1995, a Senior College student, a major in Business Management at the Aviation Institute, expressed their gratitude on behalf of the recipients to DUACT Fund organizers for allowing them to further their study and promises to continue the good tradition.

Distribution Ceremony of scholarships to Alumni family members for 2013-2014 school year,

on Sunday 12/1/2013. The expenditure is supported by DUACT Scholarship Fund.

There is a total of 31 scholarships awarded to the recipients living in Saigon and in provinces:

- 20 university students :                            6 millions VND x 20 =  120 millions VND

- 04 college students:                                5 millions VND x 04 =    20 millions VND

- 06 high school students :                         2 millions VND x 06 =    12 millions VND

- 01 primary school students :                    1 millions VND x 01 =      1 millions VND


          Total                                                                                 153 millions VND