Education Programs Via Scholarships

At DUACT, we strongly believe that with education we can change the fate of the world, to reduce poverty, ignorance and hunger into a better world. We direct our effort to provide financial assistance to young students to improve their knowledge, to achieve their dream, to access to a better education. We make scholarships available to them.

DUACT Education Programs, through scholarships, supports motivated and hard working students from poor and desperate families, particularly students or family having physical, visual, and other situational limitations. The scholarship programs reach all groups of students, from primary school, to high school, to college, to technical and professional institutions, to university.

DUACT also subsidizes dormitories for male and female students.

DUACT provides a modern Internet Center for students to access to needed information for their research.

DUACT spearheads Micro Credit Programs available to poor and hard working farmers to learn by doing to become entrepreneurs.


On 6/26/2013 a delegation of DUACT visited Miss Nguyen Thi Ha, in Dien Bang, Central Vietnam, has graduated from College with honor. She is ready to apply for employment. DUACT has supported her through 4 years of college education.

Pham Tran Thuc Uyen, a 4th grader, whose father and mother are blind, earning a living by selling lottery, living in a very small room in Dalat. She is a hard working student and doing well in school. DUACT has decided to support her schooling through high school.