The Raising Fund Activities

In order to support and fund the various programs, many volunteers and benefactors have come together to raise funds  for DUACT in different ways out of their love to help the needy and the unfortunate, who look up to us for a life worth living and to reach into a more productive future.

The Garage Sale Events have been well known to Los Gatos, California and the communities at large by the endless hard work and the marvelous effort provided by Simon – Leman Le family. The latest Garage Sale ran during the week-end of July 12-14, 2014 and the one before it happened on the week-end of August 24-25, 2013.

The Garage Sale Events proceeds are deposited to Rev. Hoang Quoc Truong Account to fund various DUACT charitable and education programs. Almost every year the effort brings in around 20,000.00 USD. The record amount is 21,580.00 USD in 2012.

We give thanks to benefactors, donors and supporters of these famous events, particularly the WFG, Estate-Leman, Estate-Hoa, Kat’s Project, Nguyen Grantor Charitable Lead, North ThuNhan California,  Vietnamese Air Force of Northern California, Valley Homes and  Investment, and other contributors who would like to remain anonymous.

North ThuNhan of California has contributed 950.00USD to Rev. NguyenVanLap Account to support DUACT education programs to help poor students.

Countdown Night organized by DUACT Executive Committee and Friends in 12-31-2014

Has contributed 25,173.00 USD  to support charitable and education programs.